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Arctic’s Top 10
>>World’s first expedition to Arctic Circle passing through Northwest Passage
In 1903, Roald Amundsen led the first polar expedition to successfully traverse Northwest Passage (between the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean) in a tiny ship, Gjøa, and reached Arctic Circle.

>>World’s farthest swimming under the ice
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Finnish Lapland: Reindeer Fun
Seekers of the vast wilderness of Finnish Lapland will find the remote township of Savukoski a serene haven. “Why don’t you take my bike and have a midnight cycling along the river?”, suggests Niko. Gladly I take his mountain bike and ride along Kemijoki under the golden sunbeam hovering from the horizon. The air is warm and crispy, and the perfect reflection of the houses and trees on the burbling river glistens
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Finnish Lapland: Rendezvous with the Midnight Sun
In regions north of the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun appears at least once around summer solstice where you get a fair view of this amazing natural phenomenon on a fine day. The Finnish Lapland enjoys polar sunshine in midsummer, and in any hour during night and day the Lappish fells and forests are showered in sunbeams of canary, amber and gold. What’s better than capturing the full magical hours and enjoy nature at its best?
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In terms of Nature
As a mighty traveler I don’t only travel across lands, but also the ocean of lexical items around the world made for our beautiful nature. The ways people of different places or cultures perceive and interact with nature are magical. Some come out of sheer necessity. Others are more philosophical. And from them we can sneak a peek of their countries’ gifted nature! Here are a few examples that I learn from wonderful people I meet on my journeys, but can hardly translate... read more.

Make a Wish, Daruma! @ Gunma, Japan
Daruma doll is an iconic heritage of Gunma. Daruma dolls, often associated with luck and blessing, originate from Takasaki. Over 80% of Japan’s daruma dolls are manufactured in Takasaki.
Mr Nakata Junichi now runs the family business of making daruma dolls at the historic family shop.
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Let it Snow!! @ Gunma, Japan
Excitement buzzes over the vales and dales of Gunma in winter as everyone chills out in the snow. The century-old Kusatsu International Snow & Spa Resort is a skiing haven in Japan. It was opened in 1914 to hold the first domestic skiing championship - 3 years after the introduction of skiing sport into Japan...  
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Spring of Joy @ Gunma, Japan
Gunma is an inland prefecture in the heart of Japan. This mountainous wonderland is home to gorgeous mountain ranges, enchanting river valleys, babbling hot springs and dainty villages, and allures visitors who want to come for a relaxing break in the scenic nature or sports enthusiasts who sweat it out here.  
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Secret Garden in the Rainforest – Sabah Tea Garden
The plantation, nestled in the lush tropical wilderness of Mount Kinabalu, ranges over 6,200 acre at around 700m above sea level. Beyond the plantation are 130-million-year-old rainforests over rolling hills. The breeze is fresh with the fragrance of new Camelia Sinensis leaves.  
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