Leeminghay 李明熙
    Leeminghay 李明熙  

In 2012, he finished an epic 7-month solo bicycle journey from Berlin to Hong Kong. Afterwards, he published a book “Ride Back Home(陌路回家)” to share the journey. One year later, he wrote another book “Nomad Racer(單車遊牧)” about the Mongolia Bike Challenge that he had taken part. In 2015, he produced and hosted a travelogue TV program “Head to East Africa’ (一路向東非) which broadcasted in TVBJ2.

Giving speeches in schools, corporations and public events is one of the most fulfilling jobs he has been doing since moving back to Hong Kong from Germany. He has also cooperated with travel agencies for cycling tours. 

Ride Back Home

Cycling, eating, sleeping (3)

The road bike was light and fast. I was cruising down the East Rift Valley road 193. We stopped at the Qixingtan Coast Park (七星潭海濱公園) for a picnic lunch. Then we started climbing up to Taroko National Park (太魯閣國家公園). We split the climb to Wuling into two rides. We would take a break at Tianxiang (天祥) (480m), rest a day and go hiking, then continue the climb the day after.

After a few days of high cadence pedaling, I could hang around with the team, sometimes I rode in the front, and sometimes I dropped back. And with a road bike, I could take photos whenever I wanted. The road to Tianxiang was magnificent. It was definitely one of the most beautiful rides I had ever had.

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After five rainy days, we finally had the first sunny ride of the trip. I rode slowly and was enjoying myself very much in the city of Taitung (台東) until Teddy, the Taiwanese tour guide, dropped back to me. He said, “You don’t look like you are lacking stamina but you are very slow. If you keep going at this speed, you will be picked up by the support vehicle very soon.”

I was shocked. I didn’t think I was slow at all. As I never carried a cycling computer, I asked how fast my speed was. He said 15km/h. That was exactly my average speed of the bike journey.

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......We rode along the northern coast of Taiwan, via Jingshan (金山) and Tamsui (淡水) back to the city of Taipei. The ride was around 100km. When we were passing through Tamsui, there was 10 minutes of sunshine which was the only sunlight of the day. Everybody was drenched from the storm. But after a hot shower in a 5-star hotel, nobody complained.

The next day, we skipped the urban west coast and took a speed train heading down to the south of Taiwan – Kaohsiung (高雄). We planned to ride to the Yoho Bike Hotel but the thunderstorm didn’t allow us. Fortunately, the sky got clear after we had checked in. Everyone couldn’t wait to hop on a bike and hammer down to the southern tip of Taiwan – Eluanbi Lighthouse (鵝鑾鼻燈塔). The bike hotel provided bike rental and repair services. Guests could wash the bikes for free at the “Bike Spa” area before bring them back to their room. The bike shop offered essential biking equipment. Even if you didn’t plan for a bike trip, you could still buy some budget gear and rent a bike to go.

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