About us
Tripwant is a user friendly global tourism online platform which aims to be a gateway of sharing travel with the world. As an open meeting place between users (also known as Tripwanters) and tour operators (also known as Partners) of tourism products or services, Tripwant strives to have the latest and most comprehensive information for Tripwanters, through a community of expert travelers, tour professionals and our distinguished panel of tourism industry veterans. Tripwanters will enjoy a good offer and low-priced products uniquely customized to their preferences.

Another advantage of Tripwant’s platform is the utilization of social media as a core communication channel. Tripwant’s focus of the online platform is for Tripwanters to meet up, communicate and share different journeys with one another. We encourage Tripwanters to bring all travelers around the globe together and to share their insights, special thoughts and feelings about their favorite travel experience. Through interactions among Tripwanters, you can share your travel with the world and be inspired by others for your next journey. We understand current contemporary travel needs and aim to provide you with more choices for your next dream destination. You can experience so much more of the world.  

To become a user on Tripwant, you have to register as a Tripwanter on our website. You can then browse and select your favorite tours and book  the tours, 100 percent at your own discretion! There are only 3 steps to go before you enjoy your next travel experience!

To become a tour operator on Tripwant, you have to register yourself as a Partner on our website. You can start sharing any unique, exciting and interesting tours or activities on our tourism platform FREE of charge. By spending a little time filling out the tour/product information, you have the opportunity to meet Tripwanters around the globe! So, what are you waiting for? Get started and enjoy incredible travel experience on Tripwant today!

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