Terms and Conditions for Partners
The Term of the Pilot Agreement will begin on approval of Tour Operators as registered Tourism Partners (abbreviated as “Partner(s)” afterwards) in the Tripwant online tourism network. The success of posting is subject to the approval by Tripwant according to the specific accreditation system.  The pilot period is lasted for first 3 weeks after tripwant is officially puiblished.

Both parties (Tripwanters and Partners) will notify the other of their intention to terminate this Agreement no later than 45 days prior to termination. Either party may terminate this Agreement at anytime if the other party causes a material breach of Confidentiality or repeated failures of Customer Delivery of Itinerary or program. Termination of posting will be executed in case of convicted malpractices of the Partners.

Partner Responsibilities

Partners will be responsible for the following activities during the Pilot:

1. Filling out details under “Publishing of trips by Partners” in Tripwant.com, with an aim to expressing the
    comprehensiveness of the tourism product or service.
2. Updating the details of tourism products or services on a minimum weekly basis or whenever necessary.
3. Providing all tour components as described in any itinerary or program contained within the information of published tourism 
    products or services.
4. Providing all customer service required before, during and after the tour.
5. Paying all Partners associated with any itinerary in the information of published tourism products or services.
6. Notification of availability of relevant products and services.

Tripwant Responsibilities

Tripwant will be responsible for the following activities during the Pilot:

1. Integration of Partners’ information of tourism products and services into Tripwant.com
2. Maintaining the Tripwant.com website and network connectivity.
3. Provide online information to end users upon request.
4. Providing technical assistance to Partners if necessary.

Booking Engine Options
All Partners need to agree with the dedicated booking engine to facilitate online booking of itineraries and program. Partners will utilize the Tripwant booking engine. Tripwant will collect all payments and forward to Partners according to the  deposit schedule for a specific itinerary and program on a monthly basis. Tripwant will subtract 10% with credit card processing fee inclusive from each transaction as payment for their commission. Commission payments are nonrefundable if trip is cancelled for any reason by Partners.

Purchase and Payment

Tripwant will subtract 10% with credit card processing fee (6% out of 10%) and Tripwant administration fee (4% out of 10%) inclusive for each transaction as commission. Thus, Partners have to adjust and modify the price of the travel products or services to refrain from any losses during the transaction.

Partners may use either Pay-pal or TT (Telewire-transfer) to receive tour fees. No extra charges are needed for transaction by using Pay-pal. For TT, HKD$200 is charged for each transaction. Thus, it is advisable of Partners to open an account in Pay-pal.

Tripwant takes no responsibility and assume no liability for any loss or damages to a Partner arising from information entered by Tripwanters or wrong remittance by the Tripwanters in connection with the payment for the items purchased. We reserve the right to check whether a Tripwanter is duly authorized to use certain payment method, and may suspend the transaction until such authorization is confirmed or cancel the relevant transaction where such confirmation is not available
Cancellation and Refund

Partners may cancel offers at any time before purchases. If a Partner cancels the offer of a particular tourism product or service after a Tripwanter purchases it and the Partner receives the fee, both parties (Tripwanters and Partners) are under refund process. The amount of refund, the exact time of Tripwanter retrieving the refund and the means of retrieving the refund are all compromised by both parties. Tripwant will be of no liability and responsibility of the refund system.


Partners shall submit personal/business identification information such as a copy of HKID card, passport or the certificate of incorporation and bank account information together with a document giving evidence that the bank account is owned by and in the name of the Partner within 2 weeks from the date of Partner registration. Partners shall not claim against Tripwant for damages, including outstanding payment of settlement amounts, resulting from delay of submission of such identification and bank account information.

Other Terms and Conditions

1.   Both parties agree to be bound by the Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement attached to this Agreement.
2.   Partners agree to defend and hold Tripwant harmless against any action brought by any customers of the Partners    
      specifically, but not limited to, including non-delivery of any aspect of a specific itinerary, dissatisfaction with itinerary or any 
      other aspect of itinerary delivery beyond the control of Tripwant.
3.   Tripwant is not liable to any matter related to insurance coverage.
4.   Partners are responsible for insuring the accuracy of data provided to Tripwant.
5.   Partners agree that it will not attempt to divert Tripwant customers to other booking channels including the Partners’ direct 
      booking channels.
6.   Partners agree that it will not directly solicit any Tripwant customers via any channel without the authorization from Tripwant. 
      Any customer data provided to the Partners to facilitate booking remains the property of Tripwant and may not be used in 
      any manner without express written consent from an authorized representative of Tripwant.
7.   Partners agree that it will provide Tripwant with a competitive price advantage for each itinerary that is only available to 
8.   Parties agree that the sole remedy to any dispute arising out of this Agreement will be through Arbitration which will take 
      place in Hong Kong.
9.  This agreement will be subject to the laws of the Hong Kong.
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