Do you want to post in chinese?

(A) Why do I need to post in Chinese?

Chinese is used in Greater China Region, including Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and some South East Asia countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. China’s tourism market is growing rapidly and will become the biggest source of inbound and outbound tourists before 2015. To provide the best description of your tours, to satisfy the demand for Chinese-speaking customers and to raise the popularity of your tours, you can choose to post them in Chinese!

(B) Anything I need to do before posting in Chinese?

If you are able to write in Chinese than you can directly post your Chinese version to the website. However, if you wish to post in Chinese but are not able to write in Chinese, Tripwant will assist you in providing a Chinese translation of your post. Inform Tripwant and we will be happy to help you (to be accessible in Chinese speaking markets, both simplified and traditional Chinese is available and convertible)!

(C) How do I post in Chinese on Tripwant?

If you are interested in this service please register and sign in as a Partner first! Once you are sign in, prepare all the content to be in English. All other languages must be translated to English before it can be translated to Chinese. Then, find the “translate to Chinese” button and submit your information!

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