Publishing a photo album!

Have you ever thought of having your own photo album? Have you ever imagined more and more people from different background worldwide could learn about you through an album? We,, invite you to join us and make your dream come true!

Tripwant is currently planning to select photos from sharing blogs or materials in our website and publish a photo album. Publishing fund will be raised through various online crowdfunding platforms.


Why would we publish a photo album?

Tripwant is a recent travel-photo sharing platform. There are large number of photos showing different landscapes and culture in the globe and telling stories around the world. In order to let the world share these quality photos, joys of travel and learn more about travelers' experiences, we aim at making collective photo album in a regular basis.

Tripwant is also facilitating sustainable tourism. Travel industry is changing rapidly and more attention is paid to sustainable practices. We want a published album could widen people's imagination of tourism and consider sustainability when traveling.



How to select the photos to be published?

We would count the views and number of subcribers of the photos shared by the users in our website. Photos with the greatest number of views and subscribers will be included in the published album. Details would be announced soon.



How to raise money through crowd funding platforms?

These online platforms are open to people from all around the world to donate their money if they support our beliefs or product (the album). Details of fundraising will be released soon.

Don’t wait! Upload your photos and join us NOW!

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