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Get the most of your stay in Krakow and choose exceptional one-day package to must-see UNESCO listed sites: Auschwitz Birkenau Museum & Memorial and Wieliczka Salt Mine. As first, we will take you to the Auschiwtz-Birkenau - one of the best-known concentration camps in the world. During the 3-hour guided tour you will visit both parts of the Museum: Auschwitz I, the administrative centre of Auschwitz death camp and Auschwitz II, designed and constructed as an extermination facility you will experience. This tour will let you see how Auschwitz remains as a living monument to death. After the Auschwitz-Birkenau Guided Tour there will be short break for lunch. Your next destination will be one of the most amazing underground cities in the world - Wieliczka Salt Mine. During the 3-hour guided tour you will be led through a number of chambers, shown underground lakes, shrines and salt formations including the stunning Chapel of St. Kinga what will let you feast your eyes of the original beauty of this place. After both tours you will be dropped off to your hotel or to the main meeting point.
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