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Feb 14, 2018 to Apr 30, 2019

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In the heart of the Rocky Mountains lives North America's most majestic animal--the elk. Elk are herd animals and live anywhere from the harsh high-desert to steep, densely forested mountains. The bull (male) elk is famous for its unique bugle--a high-pitched roar that can be heard during the rut(mating season) to attract mates. Bull elk get very big (700 pounds) and stalking in close is quite the rush! Just as Native Americans have hunted these animals for thousands of years, now you have the chance to do the same. This is a truly iconic American experience.

888Adventures services include:

Airport pick-up and drop-off
Full accommodations
3 daily meals
Local transportation
Hunting gear and firearms
Professional hunting guides
Hunting permits

Recommended Package:
Hunting Season: September--November
2 Person Minimum (4+ people ensures exclusivity)
1 Bull elk per hunter (additional animals may be hunted for a "trophy fee" including bison and wild sheep)

Day 1:
Pick up at Salt Lake City International Airport or nearby hotel in the A.M.
Drive to the hunting area(5 hours)
Receive instruction in hunting ethics, equipment use and firearm safety
Target Practice

Days 2&3:
Breakfast in the lodge
Hike the surrounding hills and gullies searching for a mature bull elk
Lunch in the lodge
Hunting continues until sundown
Enjoy a hearty, American dinner

Day 4:
Learn proper shotgun shooting techniques
Target practice
Return to Salt Lake
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