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Burma: the mysterious country. Ranging from the white Himalayan peaks in the north to the golden coasts of the Indian Ocean in the south. An ancient civilization, that only recently re-opened its doors to the outside world and still preserved its charms – of golden stupas, white elephants and very friendly people.

We came to Burma right in the turn of two seasons: when the dry, brownish-scorched earth was just to be splashed by the summer monsoons – and boy it rained!

I will never forget a friendly reminder from the staff at our hotel in Bagan: “Sir, you might want to go out in your swimming trunks”. I smiled and just shake my head: how silly – go for nice dinner in swimming trunks!

Having spent whole day at the dusty plateau, baking our skin among hundreds of stone (and very hot!) temples, we did not understand. But we understood on our way back: there was almost ½ meter of water on the street after a strong but short shower in the evening! Next time, listen more to local experience .

Travelling the country has its own rules and specifics: as foreign traveler, you will be meeting the same people all the time: it is a very big country, yet only few spots got the attention. In the end, almost everyone follows the same itinerary. Is it boring? Not at all! The beauty and charm of Inle lake will make you stay longer, while the extravagant (thick gold plated and ruby covered – you need sunglasses just to walk in on sunny day!) stupas of Rongoon will make you wonder how come this country is so poor. But poor or not – the people are the true treasure of this beautiful country: always smiling and always friendly!

Burma will remind you on every step: Journey is the goal!

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