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Spend a half day in Rayners Orchard
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posted more than a month ago
A Fantastic fruit tasting adventures are provided by Rayners Orchard. This amazing tour run everyday of the year. Flexible schedule suits for every travelers.

Rayners Orchard is a boutique orchard, with having over 450 varieties of fruit currently in every day of the year. The tours are guided by either one of farmer family member. In this one hour tour, visitors could taste the samples of all the fruit which available on that day. The fruits are classified by season as winter/spring, summer and autumn. Travelers are recommended to visit based on their personal preference taste of fruits.

Shop in Rayners Orchard offers a large range of fruit products, which all grown and made on the farm. Currently open from 9am to 4pm, are extended to 5pm in summer.

Cafe in Rayners Orchard serves a healthy farm style meals, including a range of vegetarian and halal meals.

Photo courtesy of Rayners Orchard Site

Category: Culinary and Gastronomy
Sub Category: Orchard & Farm Tours
Tags: Orchard, fruits, fruit tasting, healthy, farm, vegetables, BBQ
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