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Big Nature Show - Great Migration of Whale
Hamilton Island, Queensland
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posted more than a month ago
Every autumn and winter season in Australia, whale migration happens in Hamilton Island, Queensland.

The humpback whale are going to leave Antarctica, where carrying enrich krill resources, and turn to the warmer north migration.

There are too much humpback whales so it is easy to see in anytime in that period. It has a great chance to see them when participating in any one of the water activities.

Same as human, the male acts as a leading role, is followed by pregnant mother. Adult mother dart whale with a small baby behind.

It is easy for tourists to see them because of their huge body. These whales are 12-15 meters in length and weigh up to 40 tons.

Photo courtesy of The Hamilton Island community

Category: Eco-Tourism
Sub Category: Eco Tourism
Tags: nature, whale, migration, autumn, winter, big, numerous
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