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Winter Activity Package (4 days / 3 nights)

Our beautiful location on Senja in northern Norway offers excellent possibilities to see Northern Lights throughout fall and winter.

We While some of the winter activities can be done as single experiences, in order to make most of your stay we recommend our 4 days / 3 nights Winter Activity Package.

The activity package will let you experience Northern Lights, observe Arctic landscape, be close to untouched Norwegian nature and marine life.

Itinerary :

Depending on season and weather conditions we will do our best to give guests most exciting and memorable experiences. During 3 days program, guests will experience 3-4 morning/evening activity sessions.

Northern lights season lasts from October until March. Best months for snowshoeing are February and March. After all, it is beautiful to see and experience Senja all winter long!

Below is a sample daily program that may be modified depending on current season and weather conditions.

Throughout the tour you will learn a lot about Senja’s nature, you will have plenty of time to take pictures, ask questions and enjoy traditional north Norwegian cuisine. All activities are suitable for all ages and the intensity can be adjusted according the the preference of the guests (for example, replacing walking by driving, etc.)

Day 1

You will take a boat from Tromsø to Finnsnes (Tuesday at 16:15 or Saturday at 15:00). The journey by boat takes about 75 minutes and lets you experience coastal nature. Our driver will pick you up in boat terminal in Finnsnes and you will drive through beautiful scenery of Senja island for about 1 hour. You will be accommodated in comfortable apartments at Mefjord Brygge. The dinner will be served in our maritime-style restaurant. After short briefing and introduction to our activity program, it will be time to relax, go for a small walk in the evening or finish off the day in sauna.

Day 2

The breakfast will be served at 9.00. You will meet with the guide who will present you a plan for the next couple of days with regard for current season and weather conditions. Typically, during daylight we will go for an Arctic Boat Safari to see wildlife and marine landscape (about 3 hours). Lunch in the meantime or upon return to Mefjordvær. You will have some time to relax in the afternoon, go for a small snowshoeing trip on your own. Traditional Norwegian dinner will be served in early evening and after that will get ready for night time session (about 3 hours). The guide will take you to some remote spots for Northern Lights chasing experience – we will visit scenic vantage points where it is possible to admire Aurora Borealis without light pollution. Pure magic!

Day 3

After breakfast we will do something different then the day before – depending on a season and preferred intensity of activity, it may be a bus sightseeing, snow-shoeing or hiking trip to see different types of Senja’s nature and in case of bad weather we will make a special minibus trip to show you the harsh Arctic coast and power of Norwegian Sea waters (about 3 hours). You will be surprised how different Senja looks depending on time of the day and weather conditions. Dinner will be served in our restaurant. After that, we will set out for evening activity focusing on experiences of Northern Norway. Our creative guides will surprise you by telling some old local stories, showing some interesting places and introduce to traditions linked with north-Norwegian culture. (about 3 hours).

Day 4

In the morning you will have breakfast and around 10.00* we will drive to Finnsnes (1 hour). The Hurtigruten boat leaves at 11:30 and arrives to Tromsø at 14:30. It is an everyday connection so you are welcome to stay more days here at Mefjord Brygge if you like! (*we may arrange earlier departure to catch 8.45 AM boat arriving to Tromsø at 10.00 [by request if needed])
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