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Today is Faroe Pride Day ️‍...
Faroe Islands
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Today is Faroe Pride Day ️‍

A day, described by local artist @Heiðrik, as being a day to show diversity, mutual respect and a reminder that we all deserve to love - no matter the gender, sexuality, colour, age or religion.

Same sex marriage is now legal in the Faroe Islands and this, together with more respect for diversity and equality for the LGBT community in the Faroe Islands will be celebrated at today's Faroe Pride - a lively community-building event featuring free concerts by the biggest names in Faroese music and a large parade where over 5,000 or almost 1 in ten Faroese will participate.

Read more about Faroe Pride and other cultural events and activities on our website: https://visitfaroeislands.com/event/faroe-pride/


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