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Merry Christmas! ️...
Faroe Islands
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Merry Christmas! We hope everyone is cozied up inside on this cold day with some hot chocolate or maybe even some warm gløgg!

In the Faroe Islands, Christmas is celebrated on the 24th of December - on Christmas Eve. Traditionally, everyone will gather in the home of a close relative where the main course will be roasting in the oven from early on in the day. The choice of food varies from family to family, but local options include duck, goose, and even fermented fish or lamb.

After dinner, the family will gather around the Christmas tree to hold hands and sing Christmas songs together, and afterwards the presents are opened in turn. If there are children around, Santa Clause (or Jólamaðurin, as he is known in Faroese) will often make an appearance to hand out presents to the excited little ones.

Everyone has different traditions for this time of year, and wherever you are and however you celebrate, we hope you’re all having a wonderful time!

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