Trento, Monte Bondone & Valle dei Laghi
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Trento’s millenary history emanates from Piazza Duomo; a blend of Mitteleurope tradition and Italian Style. Now, with universities and avant-garde research centres, it is planning its future in the third millennium.

Just few minutes away from Trento, Monte Bondone offers fantastic opportunities for a holiday on the snow, ideal for families. Untouched nature, breathtaking landscapes, outdoor gym will surprise you.

About a dozen enchanting little mountain lakes, vineyards producing wines with unique scents and flavors, beautiful villages and Medieval castles. Come and visit us. Valle dei Laghi will not disappoint you.

Trento is the perfect stage for international festivals and events such as the Trento Film Festival and the Festival of Economics. History and tradition are celebrated through costumed historical revivals such as the Feste Vigiliane and the Palio delle Contrade Città di Trento.

The atmosphere in Trento during Christmas time is unique: biting cold and the white of snow, Christmas magic, handmade products and flavors of the famous Christmas Market of Trento will offer you a special holiday time! Discover the events of “Trento, the Christmas city”.

Complete bike immersion in the heart of Trentino: lovely rides around Trento, legendary climbs, breathtaking sceneries. Ideal bike routes and cycle paths for families and mountain bikers to experience marvelous rides on the two wheels through nature and culture.

Just a stone’s throw from the city the surroundings offer everything a sport lover could ask for: hiking trails, climbing ways, trekking and mountain bike tracks, paragliding and hang gliding. Give it a go, you won’t regret it.

Urban trekking itineraries and walking paths in the woods, tastings of local products, stars and constellation observations and guided tours to discover the biodiversity of the Alpine environment… many are the activities offered to explore
our region.

Monte Bondone offers fantastic opportunities for a holiday on the snow, ideal for families. Hotels, kindergartens and ski bars directly on the slopes, ski schools equipment rentals, “first steps” field, baby cross, entertainment and lots of fun.

The Monte Bondone Snowpark puts the most experienced snowboarding enthusiasts’ phantasy and abilities to the test with the best trails, jumps and rails to sate the most extreme snowboarders out there. One of the best parks in the Alps, a well established organization ski lifts running even by night two times a week.

Miles and miles of cross-country skiing tracks, dozens of destinations for snowshoeing or ski mountaineering excursions, and the certainty of being always surrounded by an unspoilt environment.

Winter is not only skiing but also snowshoeing or Nordic walking or a funny bobsledding descent and – at the end of the day – some relax in the wellness centres of the hotels. A plenty of opportunities for the snow fans loving the combination among fitness, sport and Nature. And why not? A walk in Trento to discover the most hidden corners of the old town in the snow…

Trento has a strong connection with its territory. In Palace Roccabruna – the House of the products from Trentino – it is possible to taste the local flavours, to learn the knowledge of the producers, to discover the authentic wine and flavors tradition and a rich calendar of exhibitions and wine and food events for Trentodoc and other products.

We could tell you how the unique bouquet of a wine such as Nosiola is obtained, explain the origins of Vino Santo, describe at length the distillation procedure used to create our grappas, but one thing would always be missing: the
tasting. Visit us!

Source: Azienda per il Turismo Trento

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