Mount Kinabalu
Ranau, Sabah
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Mount Kinabalu towers 4,095 metres above sea level and is the highest peak between the Himalayas and New Guinea, also the most prominent in South East Asia. Climbing Mount Kinabalu isn't just a challenging adventure but a unique journey through the tropical jungle at the base, to the rocky sub-alpine summit plateau. A whole range of exotic plants can be found in the different climates along the way: bamboo, mosses, orchids, rotans and Mount Kinabalu's famous pitcher plants in abundance. Mount Kinabalu offers an impressive and immensely rich variety of insect, bird and animal species on its slopes. After an early morning start, the highlight of the trip is the arrival of daylight revealing the remarkable summit plateau of the mountain, a vast expanse of smooth rock with a unusual assortment of rocky pinnacles rising from below. It’s truly a unique and awe-inspiring experience!​

Category: Eco-Tourism
Sub Category: Geo Tourism
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