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National Wine Centre of Australia
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The Australian National Wine Centre provides an engaging and interactive experience for wine enthusiasts. Its core values are promoting varieties of wine and embracing technology in wine productions.

Due to limited budget and myself as an amateur to wine, "Welcome to Wine" tour at the centre becomes the best choice for my journey. There are two levels of wine tasting: for beginners like me, we are advised to appreciate "educational wine", while experienced enthusiasts are suggested to try "fine wine". Fine wine is far more expensive, and I couldn't really understand how to appreciate its preciousness, so I'd better stay with educational ones first. 

The weather was nice the day I visited, so I was in good mood. Vineyards are systematically organised. Plants are densely grown together, making me wonder if there is anything hiding within them. Passing through the endless paths, withered branches and yellowing leaves are along the way. Buildings in the vineyard are constructed with bricks and have sandalwood ceilings.

The main building is modernly designed. Intertwined with orange and blue colours, visitors are expected to feel the fantasy atmosphere. Mild and comfy sunlight poured in through the French-styled windows and warmed the building complex up. It is enjoyable to slow down myself and think about life with the help of wine in this building. There are also interactive devices that inform me the history, chemistry and processes of wine making. It was fun to know.

I was also able to visit the open cellar. The aroma of wine surrounded me the moment when I have just stepped into the cellar. Our host told us their wine industry is mainly selling wines brewed by their own, while some are purchased from other places.

The wine discovery journey gave us to try three types of wine and we had to learn the essentials of wine tasting. The professional host clearly explained the history of Australian wine and how the industry developed. We gained a basic understanding through the instructions and various illustrations.

We eventually got down to the wine bar, where our host taught us how to classify a wine's smell, colour and taste. I didn't quite understand the classifications, so I was only able to tell the intensity of sweetness and bitterness. Fortunately, I still succeeded to match the wine samples correctly.

The last session of my visit was the time, when I sat down, was served with tasty dishes and chatted with other people. It's the time for us to chill out and temper our pressure in life. I particularly loved the texture of champagnes. All these have given me an excellent experience during my holiday in Australia.

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