Train Suite Shiki-Shima
Monday, March 4, 2019
Train Suite Shiki-Shima: The world's most luxurious train?

The train is the latest excursion venture by the East Japan Railway Company. Five of the 10 coaches are filled by the standard suites — three to a carriage, offer comfortable beds and a bathroom with shower and toilet. Another has just two “deluxe suites", each with an aromatic cypress wood bath.

There is also an observation car at either end from which to watch the scenery roll past, a lounge and a dining car with Michelin accreditation. Service on board is by uniformed butlers.

The train's top speed is just 70mph, barely one-third of that achieved in normal service by some Bullet Trains in Japan. As with the new Japanese-designed trains for the Great Western Railway in Britain, it is equipped with both electric motors and diesel engines.

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