Amazing Iceland
Thursday, June 15, 2017
Would you like to have a different Christmas Holiday? Would you ever think of spend your winter in a snowing place? Would you interest in appreciating spectacular landscape? Iceland, an awesome place to make your life more richness.

Iceland, a Nordic island country, located in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is a place mainly consist of plains, sandy grounds, lava plains and glaciers.

To feel Iceland in winter, the Aurora Borealis is a must item in your To-do list. The beautiful polar light changes your imagination in this world. Vatnajokull is an national country park contains glaciers, volcanoes, canyons, forests and waterfalls. The amazing scenery could not simply describe in words, but to see and feel in person. You would get some unforgettable visual pictures in your mind for surely.

Drone Video by Zahira Hanafi

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